by One Eight Seven

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The Debut EP


released August 3, 2015

Songs written by One Eight Seven
Music composed as a group
Lyrics by Kyle and Garreth
Vocal melodies by Kyle

Recorded and mixed by Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios

Mastered by Tim Lengfeld at TL mastering

Artwork by Steve Crack

Photos by Vetman Van Der Naam

Guest vocals on all tracks in the backup vocal sections by Jeandre Beneke

This recording was produced independently



all rights reserved


One Eight Seven Cape Town, South Africa

Fuelled by the need for change and a yearning for something to mean something, One Eight Seven was born from the ashes of a once thriving Cape Town punk scene.

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Track Name: Show Me The Way
Everyday is getting worse
I can't find a single thing to get excited about
I've got all of this anxiety pinned up inside of me
I can't find an outlet, can't find a release

I need something that I can believe in
I need something to drastically change
I need a break from this endless monotony
I need a beacon to show me the way

All the walls are closing in
There's no light for me to follow, I can't see the end
Everything is crashing down on me killing me silently
I've got to find an outlet, gotta find a release
Track Name: My Life My Way
Sometimes I think of all the reasons for my pain
I lie awake and try to find someone to blame
But there's no hope, this bed I lie in is my own
I've come to love this misery that I call home

I just wanna live, take it day by day
Just wanna live my life my way
Just wanna be the man that I was meant to be
I can't deny the beast in me

I'm just a sinner looking for a god to hate
I'm just a junkie looking for some pills to take
I'll never be a hero, I'll never be a saint
Oh baby head my warning, stay the fuck away
Track Name: Midnight Boogie Man
Sneaking through the shadows, creeping on the floor
Waiting for the day that you forget to lock the door
Rattling in the ceiling, creaking in the stairs
Ya know yer not alone when there's a chill in the air

Oh yeah, when the clock strikes twelve on the witching hour

Baby I'ma be your midnight boogie man, Yeah
Baby I'ma be your midnight boogie man

Staring in your window, steaming up the glass
Watch you say a prayer as I make my way past
Hiding in the closet, watch you fall asleep
Baby I'm the danger that's tugging at yer sheets

Oh yeah, when the clock strikes twelve on the witching hour
Track Name: Destroy
I never cared about the life I've led
Full steam ahead, Fuck it, no regrets
In the greater scheme of things you never stop to think
Just go for broke, destroy until you choke

I wanna kill, I wanna fight
Future hope outta sight
Watch it burn through the night
Such destruction isn't life

Don't think twice, just push for sixth gear
Life is short and the end is getting near
It's too late to turn around, It's too late to change
Next thing you know you'll be sleeping in your grave
Track Name: Prodigal Son
I aint got no money to spend, I got nothing to give
Friends are few and far between, they’ve all but disappeared
Nobody calling looking for me
Nobody knows I'm gone
River's run dry, I may as well have died
I shoulda known it all along

I aint got no money, I aint got no friends
I aint got no money, got no friends
I'm a prodigal son with nowhere to run, I'm an outcast 'til the end
I aint got no money, got no friends

They're all just ticks and leaches, sucking on yer strands of life
Hands in yer pockets, feeding their habits, 'til you feel the edge of the knife
Blood sucking vampires
Feeding 'til there's nothing left
No remorse, no regrets
Like a hunter when he kills his prey
Track Name: Practise What You Preach
I aint got no reason, sure as hell aint got the time
I won't get no satisfaction from pumping you full of lies
Yeah I don’t give a fuck, so I'll tell it like it is
I know I can get a bit much but I'll never change a thing

Putting in the time, walking to the beat
Putting into practice the words I preach
Laying down the truth, sifting out the weak
Holding up the faith, cleaning up the streets

I'll tell you straight, I'll speak my mind
Ya may think I'm rude, But baby, the truth aint kind
I don't paint no pretty pictures, I don't aim to please
And if you can't fucking take it then you're better off deceased
Track Name: Excess
We have no boundaries, No conscience holds us back
We take no prisoners, all we know is attack
We show no mercy man, the weak get left behind
This train aint got no breaks, but we'll get out just fine

'Cause we're all going to hell

No gods no masters, we truly are the free
We are above it all, no links to your society
We live without a fear of any higher being
We'll skip on judgement day and head straight to to the fiery sea